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We like you…. In the trucking and transport industry, are always looking to reduce costs, we all know how much more reliable modern trucks are, we all know how the service intervals have been extended, we all know how the service life of integral truck and chassis components has been increased - due to engineering developments.


However,  we are still encouraged to carry out the almost Dickensian 6 weekly PMI – This is encouraged and pushed by manufacturers, dealers and VOSA alike.


There will always be the major element of road safety in their reasoning, and who is going to argue? however another major notion to consider is that they all have workshops and employees to keep busy – and Return them yet more Profit from you – The Truck Operator?


Moving upwards from 6 – to 8 and to 10 wks and upwards can save you ££s per wk per truck – never mind the benefits of reduced down time.


We at AXIS have been, and will continually look at working with our customers to extend their PMI Schedules – this commitment helps us the supplier and most importantly you The Operator Reduce Costs.


This has been proven to work by many of our customers who are in the Motor Transport Top 100 – one of the reasons they are there we may argue, the benefits in both time saved and profit retained are not to turn your nose up at


For more information on how working together  with AXIS Fleet Management team, letting us supply your trucks and manage your maintenance can save you Money and Time, and in turn help drive the way we think as an industry -  please call.










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